Choice Property Management has been serving Kern County for over 25 years and can save you time and money by advertising, screening and selecting qualified tenants, determining market rents, negotiating leases, keeping up with maintenance, paying expenses, monitoring tenants, handling evictions and getting the most rent for your property. Our experience as a property management and sales company in Bakersfield has shown that one can easily avoid all the pitfalls of owning rental real estate by implementing good management principles and guidelines. Before signing a lease we make sure the tenant understands his/her obligations and the consequences of breaking the lease or damaging the property. The landlord is also made aware of common procedures and of his/her rights and obligations. However, the most important reason for hiring a good real estate property manager is leverage. Instead of owning one or two rentals that take up all your extra time why not own multiple rentals and use a real estate manager's time? Contact us to learn more about our competitive rates and what Choice Property Management can do for you.


We Specialize In

  • Apartment Rental Units
  • House Rentals 
  • Duplex Rentals
  • Triplex Rentals
  • Fourplex Rentals
  • Townhouse Rentals
  • Condo Rentals 
  • Real Estate Sales 

Our Services Include 

  • Screening of prospective tenants
  • Preparing Rental/Lease Agreements for tenants
  • Collecting rents and deposits
  • Sending correspondence as necessary to tenants
  • Arranging maintenance
  • Paying owners property bills (if requested)
  • Sending checks or making rent depostis for owners.
  •  Handling evictions (Attorney & legal fees are the owner’s expense)


As your agent we have a duty to give you the best representation and service possible, to keep your information confidential, and to maintain ongoing communication. Our ethics and experience as a residential property management company will ensure your continuing satisfaction. Contact us to learn more about our firm.


Just give us a call at (661) 321-0890 or vist us at 214 H Street Bakersfield CA 93304 and we can discuss your options.

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